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Ernest Sebe’s Empowerment Journey

Ernest Sebe’s Empowerment Journey


Before Unlockd, I was working at Builders express as a cashier while studying logistics management at The University of Johannesburg.

The work was challenging since this was a retail environment but with my logistics background, I took the job as an opportunity to engage myself in other departments like inventory, procurement, and transportation. This helped in broadening my knowledge in the logistics industry.

I am now working at Unlockd learning and developing my skills. My future plans are to see myself grow and develop academically. I want to be an asset to the company I am working for and be part of its growth. Through my hard work and endurance, I will climb to the top, and get recognition and be rewarded accordingly. I want to be the top performer in any field I am in.

I would like to give thanks to Volkswagen for being my sponsor and giving back to the community by giving South African youth a chance to realize their strength and archive their dreams. With this opportunity, I am now compatible, and competitive in the corporate world. Keep up the collaboration and open doors for the next generation.


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