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A resume, in fact, is your PERSONAL BONAFIDE MARKETING OR BRAND PROFILE. It presents your unique value to employers and tells your one-of-a-kind career story. For this reason, we’ve explored the nuts and bolts of resume writing and tips that will teach you how to write an effective resume for a job with the least amount of pain.

  1. Gather information on the company such as, where they are located, how long they have been active etc. Knowing some company history will aid in your interview and application process.

  2. Gain information on the job at hand, The skills required as well as the experience needed, make sure your resume coincides with the requirements for the job or it will not be considered.

  3. Select the correct format for your resume, this will all depend on the amount of information you have and can be split into four groups namely

  • Professional Summary

  • Skills

  • Work Experience 

  • Education

  1. Proofread your documents when you are complete, this is very important as any grammatical or spelling errors will be questioned and may lead to you not getting the job.

We have also handpicked a few resume templates for your own personal use to help your CV stand out:


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