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COVID-19 Projects

Covid-19 Response Projects

Putting youth to work in the fight against COVID-19

Empowering local small businesses to provide solutions

Supporting communities in this time of crisis

We have joined the Community Constituency COVID-19 Front which represents most non-profit organisations in South Africa and is part of the advisory committee to the South African Government and the Presidency on its response to COVID-19.

One of the key pillars of the response strategy is the rapid and massive increase in the number of community tracers to track who has come into contact with those known to be infected and to get them to self isolate and test for the virus. THis has been proven to be an effective strategy in countries that have successfully kept infection rates down.

In support of this strategy, we are working towards the deployment of 10 000 previously unemployed youth and youth from our existing HIV/TB tracer projects to this effort.
Support the fight against COVID-19 NOW. Every day delayed is more infections that could have been prevented.

Don’t delay your Skills Development Projects!

Utilise your B-BBEE budgets, Learnership and YES participation to enhance the COVID-response and tackle the spread of the virus as well as youth unemployment NOW!

E-mail us at to help save lives and save South Africa

Small and medium sized businesses play a critical role in South Africa’s economy. More than 65% of jobs are found within the SMME sector. Yet these enterprises are being destroyed by COVID-19. The impacts on the livelihood of families and communities is severe as many SMME’s loose income and might have to close their doors.

Uconomy is working with our supported enterprises and business networks to pivot their businesses into manufacturing and sale of protective equipment and sanitizer, boosting revenue generated by these SMMEs, saving jobs and supporting vulnerable communities.

Together with our partners, we are supporting struggling SMMEs, connecting them to markets and creating new enterprises which may well last beyond COVID-19 and secure sustainable livelihoods for many.
Help re-build and protect local economies TODAY!

Focus your SED/CSI and Enterprise Development Spend on SMMEs that can be part of the response effort and help build sustainable local economies and save jobs, income and lives.

E-mail us at to help save lives and save South Africa

A quarter of South Africans live in the 76 largest townships in the country. This estimated 11.6 million people are in some of the most vulnerable areas for the spread of disease due to overcrowding and poor basic services.

It is critical that they are given given accurate information on COVID-19 to combat the fake news circulating in these communities and tools to protect themselves and their families.

Our youth and SMMEs are already producing hand sanitizer and face masks and we have already partnered with corporates to distribute over 5 000 COVID-19 care packages into these communities.

Get involved NOW!

Through partnering with us you can ensure that a care pack gets into the hands of those that need it most. Through slowing the spread we ensure we can save lives, save our healthcare system and get our economy going again.

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